The rims are ready and the hardwood is set to host hoops for junior high, high school, or rec league teams. Be it practice or a game, our 10 high school regulation size courts are available for rental. The Romeoville Athletic & Event Center also boasts a large spectator area, so set up a league and let us be the host of your very own March Madness.

We're the home court for a number of clubs and organizations like IL Flight, Pino Sports Academy, IL T-Wolves, IL Storm, and Thunder Basketball to name a few. We are also the location of choice for tournaments hosted by Prep Hoops, Made Hoops, and One Day Shootouts.

Some of the area's best trainers call the Romeoville Athletic & Event Center home.


D1 Training

David L Dortch founder and C.E.O. of D1 Elite Training. I was a two-sport athlete throughout High School. I have coached and trained at all levels from 1995 to present. I specialize in Basketball training; however, I do train in speed and agility. I currently train intermediate individuals as well as N.B.A. and G league players. Success is a gift of hard work and dedication.



Pino Sports Academy

Enrick Baltazar, also known as Coach Pino, founded Pino's Sports Academy in September 2019. Prior to coaching, Coach Pino attended Notre Dame where he achieved all honors, completing his degree in Exercise Science. He continued his education at Concordia University in Chicago, earning Magna Cum Laude with a Master's degree in Human Movement Science. Coach Pino is currently on track to finish with his Doctorate in Sports Medicine and Human and Health Performance, summer 2021. He holds multiple certifications as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, and Certified Personal Trainer under the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Coach Pino is recognized as a licensed USA Basketball coach and JRNBA coach. 

He has trained and worked alongside many professional athletes including Derrick Rose, Paul George, Will Bynum, Spencer Dinwiddie, Cheyenne Parker, Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant, Cameron Payne, Elena DellaDonne, Alfonzo Mckinnie, Jimmy Butler, Andre Dawkins, and Enes Kanter. Coach Pino has experience playing at the collegiate and semi-professional level. He currently works as an Assistant Coach for the Kid Nation Youth Hoops Program of the Chicago Bulls.

The academy is open to all skill levels as young as 6 years old. The training sessions are divided up depending on age and skill level. To learn more or schedule, visit our website below or reach out to Coach Pino via mobile!

Text/Call: 630-291-7432
Coach Enrick "Pino" Baltazar, PhD., CPT, CES, PES 


Sam Franklin Basketball

My name is Samuel Franklin. I played college basketball before I ended my career early to start training players. Since 2016 when I started Sam Franklin Basketball I have trained hundreds of athletes of all ages and levels from elementary school to NBA players. I have helped players reach many goals from making the team after not making it to earning a division 1 scholarship. Here we believe in a science-based approach to player development with a combination of technical and tactical work and application through small sided games being an optimal way to take a players game to the next level. 



Work Until Basketball

Hello! I am coach AC (Arnold Coates Jr.)and I hold over 14 years of basketball coaching experience that focuses on individual/group guard, forward, and post player training for youth, high school and college players. I take my role as a player developer very seriously and tailor each private workout to each players strengths and weaknesses through my basketball evaluation session. I can not wait to introduce myself and meet you all in the future. If you have any questions or concerns before or after a session feel free to ask me.

P: 970 571-2803

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