Opportunity Matters

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The Opportunity Matters mission is to reform cultural inequalities by engaging our youth multicultural leaders of tomorrow; by breaking down barriers and inequalities that currently exist today. Our mission is to set new standards by committing to new fundamental norms for future generations.

The Opportunity Matters vision is to create future leaders in Romeoville. While focusing on diversity and equality in the workplace, we have created a program that encompasses mentorships, academics, health and wellness, career training, and workforce skill development. It is important that today’s youth have a renewed focus on unity. It is our goal to “CREATE THE CHANGE!” We will sharpen future leaders and create a world that works together despite our many differences.

While discussing everything going on in the world today (COVID-19, social justice issues, cultural inequalities, and a myriad of other issues affecting society), we challenged ourselves to produce programs that would help facilitate change.


The Opportunity Matters Workshops are open to youth ages 11-17.

DiversityFebruary 9, 20226:00 P.M.

Be on the lookout for our upcoming 2021 Opportunity Matters Winter Break Camp. All registered participants will have to fill out and go through an application process prior to acceptance into the program. If you have questions about the application process please contact Marc Howard at 815-552-3283. The camp is for youth ages 11-14 and will offer unique experiences that contribute to personal development. We will include field trips, events, and games as well as character and social development opportunities.

For more information about Opportunity Matters, call the Romeoville Athletic & Event Center at 815-552-3283

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