Complete Streets Policy


Complete Streets are defined as facilities that are designed, operated, and maintained to create a safe mode of transportation for all users of all ages, of all modes of transportation including pedestrians, bicycles, motorists, and all other users appropriate to the function of the facility.


The purpose of this policy is to incorporate the needs of all users of the Village’s transportation network and provide additional streets and roads as viable modes of transportation for bicycles, pedestrians, and vehicles. Such improvements will be achieved through planning, design, approval, and implementation through the construction, reconstruction and retrofitting of streets, roads and shared paths that have been identified as necessary improvements for the safety and convenience of all users.

Adopting a Complete Streets Policy will ensure the Village provides, where appropriate, pedestrian and bicycle facilities that offer a safe mode of transportation for all users. Such a policy will also encourage walking and bicycling, which provides greater health and environmental benefits.

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