Non-Residential Code Enforcement

Standards & Regulations

The Community Development Department is responsible for ensuring non-residential properties are maintained to the standards as described within the Municipal Code and International Property Maintenance Code. These standards and regulations are in place to maintain the appearance and quality of life within the entire Village of Romeoville.

The Village strives to inform all property owners of maintenance concerns so they do not create nuisances. However, the Village relies on information from the public too. If a non-residential code violation is witnessed, please contact the Community Development Department at 815-886-7200.

Generally, the Village’s goal is to work with property owners to obtain compliance versus issuing fines through the court process. The following is a typical enforcement process:

  • A code violation is witnessed by Village staff or reported by a concerned resident, business owner or property owner.
  • If compliance is obtained prior to the court date, the officer will inform the judge that compliance has been obtained. The judge ultimately determines the course of action if the violation is not corrected.
  • If the affected owner has not corrected the problem after written notice, the code enforcement officer will take additional measures including a request for court action.
  • Once confirmed, Code officers request compliance on ordinance violations through verbal or written communication with property owners. If compliance is obtained, no additional notices are issued to the affected property owner.
  • Written notification is given through the issuance of a violation notice to the affected property owner if the code violation is not corrected. Code officers routinely follow up with site inspections and discussions with property owners to check on the status of the violations.