Fostering a pet is one of many ways you can help improve the lives of homeless pets. Fostering opens up an additional spot at the local shelter or rescue to help even more animals. It also allows the pet to get used to home life and takes them away from the stress of a shelter. This allows a pet’s true personality to come out and shine. Plus, it can be a fun and educational experience for you and your family.

If you are interested in being a foster or would like to adopt, please contact these organizations...

Romeoville Humane Society

Will County Humane Society
24109 W. Shiel Road (Shorewood)

Romeoville Animal Control

If you've lost your pet, be sure to check with Romeoville Animal Control (815-886-1018) to see if they have been picked up. Any pet found roaming the streets will be impounded and the owners will be charged a pickup fee of $45 and an additional boarding fee of $10 per day.


Residents should immediately contact Romeoville Animal Control at 815-886-1018 or the police station at 815-886-7219 if you see a lost or stray animal. Do not attempt to capture any animals yourself.


You can email a picture of your missing pet along with pertinent information such as the pet’s name and physical characteristics (fur color and breed), and your name, address, and phone number to Romeoville Animal Control. We also suggest getting in touch with the Romeoville Humane Society

animal control KENNEL HOURS

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call (815) 886-7219.