Backflow Prevention Devices

All irrigation systems installed in the Village of Romeoville (residential and commercial) are required to have a backflow device (RPZ Device) as a form of protection to the water system. Backflow devices are also required for fire suppression systems and commercial/industrial users. The property owner or occupant is required to have this device inspected by a certified licensed plumber on an annual basis. In accordance with village ordinance 50.52, within 30 days of the inspection, a copy of the annual certification shall be sent to the Engineering Department. The annual inspection of the backflow device is required even if the system is currently not used. 

The inspection report can be sent in via: mail, fax or email:
MAIL TO: Village of Romeoville Engineering Department, Attn: Lisa Allen, 615 Anderson Dr., Romeoville, IL 60446

When replacing an existing backflow device, please be sure to include the device serial number of the unit that was removed from service on the new device inspection report. Any questions can be directed to the Village of Romeoville Engineering Department at (815) 886-1870.  

Cross Connection Control Survey (Backflow Device)