Opening a Business

We are pleased you have chosen Romeoville for your business. Below you will find important information that will help you through the process of opening your business according to the Village’s requirements.

Check Zoning & Permitting

Contact the Community Development Department at 815-886-7200 to ensure your business is a permitted use in the proposed location. If your business is listed as a permitted use in the specific zoning district you may occupy the space immediately subsequent to obtaining a Village Business License and any other required occupancy permits. If, however, your business is listed as a "special use" or requires any zoning variation, you will first need to obtain approvals through the correct zoning and public hearing process.

Apply for the Appropriate Licenses

All businesses must have an annual Business License issued by the Village's Community Development Department. Fill out the appropriate application and submit it in person at Village Hall, send in the mail or email.

A Rental Inspection may be required from the Village's Building and Fire Departments. Please contact the Building Division at 815-886-5163 to verify if your situation requires this inspection. An inspection can be scheduled at any time during the business license review process.

Vending machines and coin‐operated amusement devices require separate, additional licenses. Please include this information on the business license application or to add them after a license has been issued complete the Amusement or Vending Machine Application.

A liquor license is required for the sale of beer, wine and/or liquor. Complete and submit the Application for Liquor License (PDF). Contact the Mayor's office at 815-886-5636 for more information.

Many businesses and professions, such as day care centers and beauty salons, are regulated by and/or require licenses from the State of Illinois. Please contact the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation at for more information or for child care, contact the Department of Children and Family Services.

Applying for Building Permits

Apply for any building permits that may be necessary for the build-out of the tenant space. Permits are required for (but not limited to) all new structures, interior and exterior alterations and renovations (such as additions, electrical alterations and improvements, fire protection equipment, mechanical equipment changes or replacements, plumbing, exterior signage, and more).

Restaurants and establishments serving food/drink must contact the Will County Health Department for a separate license:

Will County Health Department
501 Ella Avenue
Joliet, IL 60433
Phone: 815-727-8480
Phone: 815-727-8690 (TDD)
Email Will County Health Department

Annual Obligations

  • Annual fire alarm inspections are required. Contact the building owner/property management to have a copy on file at your business.
  • Annual fire inspections will be completed at your business by the Fire Department. Contact the Fire Department at 815-372-4045 with any questions.
  • Annual sprinkler system inspections are required. Contact the building owner/property management to have a copy on file at your place of business.
  • Maintain your business license. They are valid from January 1 - December 31 every year. Business License renewal invoices are mailed at the end of November every year to the primary mailing address listed on the business license application.

Monthly Tax Reporting Obligations

The following local Village taxes are payable to the Village of Romeoville on a monthly basis (if applicable). Please contact the Finance Department at 815-886-5257 for more information.

  • Food and Beverage Taxes for all alcohol sales (3%) and non-alcohol prepared food and drink sales (1.25%)
  • Home Rule Sales Tax of 1.5% that is submitted to the Illinois Department of Revenue along with the applicable 7% State Sales Tax for a combined rate of 8.5%
  • Hotel/Motel Taxes is 9% of room occupancy rates
  • Motor Fuel Taxes is $0.05 per gallon

Tax Return Forms

Join the Romeoville Area Chamber of Commerce
The mission of the Chamber is to create and foster a growing business community by promoting economic opportunities, advocating for the interests of the members, providing educational resources and developing relationships between the members. For more information visit the Romeoville Chamber or call 815-886-2076. They are happy to host grand open ribbon cutting events for any new business that joins the Chamber and receives a Village Business License.

Stay Informed
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