Water Billing

Automated Water Meters

Your home is equipped with an automated water meter. Automatic water meter readings call in your water meter read once a month.
  • Your automated meter will allow your meter to be read every month without someone coming to your home.
  • Your automated meters can detect leaks that may inflate your water bill.
  • Your automated meter will provide consistent and accurate meter reads to ensure that you are billed properly.

Irrigation Meters

Under Village Ordinance a household may purchase an irrigation meter for outside use. An irrigation meter is not charged with a sewage bill. However, it should be noted that purchasing an irrigation meter costs $300. In addition it is the responsibility of the homeowner to pay for installation through a state licensed plumber. For more information, please call 815-886-7212.

Leak Detection & Water Conservation Tips

Leaky fixtures may dramatically increase your water bill. For example, a small drip from a leaky faucet can consume 15 to 22 gallons of water a day. Learn more about detecting leaks and conserving water.