Information for Residents

Residents, visitors and businesses will be affected by the three-year long construction project on Weber Road and the I-55 Interchange.

This means that many people will try to avoid Weber Road at all costs and we are here to ask you to remember one thing: Local Businesses. While your life may improve by avoiding the road, these businesses will have the opposite experience. There are nearly seventy-five Romeoville businesses located within and around this construction zone. They were here before the build. Let’s make sure they’re still here after. You may have grown up with some of these businesses and now they need your help to survive. 

As a village, we are going to make every effort to assist them, but ultimately it is you the customer that they depend on. Brave the dust and tolerate the delays to continue giving them your business. The owners will appreciate it, the employees will appreciate, and we’ll appreciate it.

The tagline of Romeoville is “Where Community Matters.” These businesses are as much members of the community as you the residents. The employees and owners are our neighbors. Please help them through a difficult time and let’s show everyone that in Romeoville, community truly does matter. 


As a convenience to you, we will have one point of contact for you during this entire undertaking: Dawn Caldwell. You can contact Dawn with any questions or concerns during this process and she will work with our other departments to address your concerns. She can be reached at or via phone at 815-886-0279.

Local Businesses

Click here for a list of local businesses affected by the construction.