Where should you install the carbon monoxide alarm(s)?

According to the life safety Code (NFPA 101) Carbon Monoxide alarms are required in one and two family dwellings when they have attached garages or have fuel burning appliances / heating systems.

Carbon monoxide alarms should be placed:

- In the hallway outside of the sleeping rooms, located where you can hear the alarm if it were to activate.
- At least one alarm on each occupiable level of a residence including basements. 

Also it is recommended that:

- Alarms are kept out of reach of children and pets
- Not placed near gas or oil appliances (at least 15 - 20 feet away)
- Do not place where the alarm will have exposure to strong cleaners or high humidity

The Romeoville Fire Prevention Bureau will gladly assist residents (such as seniors or the disabled) in checking and installing of your carbon monoxide detectors. Please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 815-372-4045.

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