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Introduction to crocheting

How would you like to learn to crochet? Learn the basics from making different stitches, techniques, and all the tips. Participants will work on making a simple scarf.  Age: 8 to 14   Fee: $28/R - $42/NR   For Details, Click Here

sewing by hand

This two-week class will focus on the basics of hand sewing. Students will design a special hand sewn character to stuff and take home.  Age: 8 to 12   Fee: $22/R - $33NR   For Details, Click Here

Let’s sew a pillow

Learn the techniques of hand sewing and stitching. Participants will focus on the development and design of their very own hand sewn pillow. All materials are provided.   Age: 8 to 14   Fee: $50/R - $75NR    For Details, Click Here 

Green thumbs gardening

Learn to grow something beautiful with us and show off your green thumbs! In this class, we will learn how to germinate, transplant to the garden, and tend to the plants weekly.   Age: 6 to 12   Fee: $30/R - $45/NR   For Details, Click Here

the princess tea party

Join us for a magical afternoon for cookies and drinks with a special princess visit! Participants are encouraged to wear their best royal outfits. Activities include a craft, sing-a-long, dancing, and a story. Make sure you bring your camera for a photo with the princess.    Age: 4 to 12   Fee: $28/R - $42/NR   For Details, Click Here 

the superhero party

Calling all superheroes for an action filled afternoon. Participants will test their skills on an obstacle course, enjoy interactive story time, meet a superhero, and a make a craft. Make sure you bring your camera for an action filled photo.    Age: 4 to 10   Fee: $28/R - $42/NR    For Details, Click Here  

tot rock

Maracas and clackers and tambourines, too; it’s musical fun just for you! Tot Rock is a unique music and learning program designed specifically for 1 year olds. Each session focuses on a new educational theme that incorporates hand held instruments, play props, sensory integration, coordination exercises, and socialization. Structured and unstructured time is included in each class. Sing, dance, and play today! This is a parent inclusion class.  Age: 1   Fee: $68/R - $102/NR and *$50/r - $75/NR   For Details, Click Here 

kid rock i

Kid Rock is a music and movement program designed to stimulate development through interactive play. Fine and gross motor skills, cooperation and following directions are improved through imagination exercises, and by using rhythm instruments and movement props such as tambourines, maracas, scarves, and a parachute. Each session focuses on a new educational theme. This is a parent inclusion class.  Age: 2   Fee: $68/R - $102/NR and *$50/r - $75/NR   For Details, Click Here

kid rock iI

Kid Rock II is similar to Kid Rock I, but for older children. Presented in a structured format, Kid Rock encourages cooperation and following directions. Each session focuses on a new educational theme.   Age: 3 to 5   Fee: $50/R - $75/NR   For Details, Click Here  

get active game style

This program focuses on group games to keep your child active after-school! Activities are geared towards teamwork, listening, motor skills, and having fun. New games will be introduced each class including action games and variations of tag. Participants should wear active wear and gym shoes. Age: 6 to 11   Fee: $30/R - $45/NR   For Details, Click Here

Vision Board Design

Create a personal vision board to display and reach your own goals and dreams. This class will focus on bringing to life what your future endeavors are and show reminders of your inner potential. Motivation, success, determination and desire are key words that will be instilled in this relaxing and fun class!  Age: 7 to 14   Fee: $17/R - $25/NR   For Details, Click Here 

Wizards and witches in training

Calling all wizards and witches to join us for a magical night. Stir up some potions, make a spell book, decipher hidden messages, write invisible messages, and DIY a wand. It is encouraged to dress up for the night but not required.  Age: 7 to 12   Fee: $12/R - $14/NR   For Details, Click Here 

Spectacular magic

Amaze family and friends with tricks that involve cards, ropes, coins, mind-reading and more! You’ll discover tricks that are quick to learn and easy to perform. All materials are provided, and each participant receives a magic kit to take home. This class will take place at the Plainfield Park District’s Streams Building (24319 Cedar Creek Lane, Plainfield). Age: 5 to 12   Fee: $30/R - $45/NR    For Details, Click Here  

Gone fishin’

Have you ever wanted to learn how to fish? Learn the basics fishing skills from baiting your hook to casting your reel. Class meets at Lake Strini to practice catch and release. Fishing pole not provided (all other supplies provided). Age: 7 to 15   Fee: $40/R - $60/NR 

Zumba® kids

Zumba Kids® Classes feature kid-friendly routines based on original Zumba choreography. We break down the steps, add games, activities and cultural exploration elements into the class structure.   Age: 7 to 11   Fee: $32/R - $49/NR and *$17/r - $25/NR   For Details, Click Here 

Wiggles and giggles

Each week join us for an evening of fun and play. This class focuses on the opportunity to socialize, story time, free play and a craft. This is a parent inclusion class.  Age: 1 to 3   Fee: $25/R - $38/NR   For Details, Click Here

ceo critical thinking lab

Through highly motivating dramatizations and games children learn how to problem solve. Critical thinking helps children make decisions independently with confidence. This class offers boosting self-esteem, confident communication, creativity, and group dynamic skills. All levels of critical thinkers are welcome.  Age: 7 to 12   Fee: $23/R - $34/NR   For Details, Click Here