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Tumble with your tot

This is a parent participation class where teachers will guide parents and their children on how to properly use gymnastics equipment safely.  Guided discovery, exploration, and minimal organized activities are a part of the curriculum for this class.  Additional benefits include learning to share, following simple directions, and socializing with children the same age.
Age: 1 to 3 

super tot

This is the first gymnastics class of structured gymnastics without parent participation. Teachers will focus on basic gymnastics skills, individual movement exploration, and following directions. This class also promotes social and physical development. Child must be potty trained.
Age: 3    

mini stars

This class will focus on the beginning skills for preschool aged children. Fundamental skills, including forward rolls, jumping, swinging, and balancing will be introduced in this class. Skills will be taught using various learning stations. Teachers will emphasize communication, following directions, gross motor activities, and individual movement exploration.  
Age: 4 to 5     

mighty stars

Teacher recommendation is required to register for this class. This class will expand on skills taught in Mini Stars including skills on all apparatus and floor exercise. Teachers will emphasize longer skill combinations, expand on individual movement exploration, coordination, flexibility, and strength.
Age: 4 to 5     

shooting stars

This class is designed for the more advanced female gymnast with previous experience. Teacher recommendation is required to register for this class. 
Age: 4 to 6     

Beginner girls

In this class, students will learn basic skills on floor, vault, beam, and bars. The main focus will be to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance to begin working on new skills. This class is for the beginners with little to no experience.
Age: 6 to 14   

Intermediate girls

This class is for intermediate gymnasts with prior experience. New skills will be taught through proper progression to ensure a safe learning environment. Some skills include: cartwheels, bridges, round-offs, pullovers, back-hip circles, proper vaulting approach, and jumps, scales, and turns on beam.
Age: 6 to 14     

Advanced girls

This class prepares gymnasts for Pre-Team or Tumbleweeds. Students will learn to master their skills as well as learn new skills. This class requires prior gymnastics experience. 
Age: 6 to 14     

pre-team b

Pre-Team B is for gymnasts who have successfully completed Advanced Gymnastics or have teacher recommendation. This class will focus on mastering skills on all events to move to Pre-Team A.
Age: 6 to 15     

pre-team A

This class will help prepare gymnasts to become part of the Romeoville Tumbleweeds competitive team. Gymnasts must complete Pre-Team B and/or have teacher recommendation.
Age: 6 to 15      

Level 1 Tumbling

Boys and girls can expect to learn basics and begin a solid foundation for their future tumbling skills.  Some of the skills focused on at this level are: bridge ups, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, and beginning stages of bridge kick-overs.  No tumbling experience required for this class.
Age: 5 to 16      

Level 2 Tumbling

This class is for the beginner to intermediate tumbler.  Skills focused on in this class are: roll combinations, dive rolls, round offs, handstands, back walkovers, and front limbers.  Participants must have teacher recommendation to register.  
Age: 6 to 16  

Level 3 Tumbling

This class is designed for the intermediate tumbler that has mastered the basic foundation of tumbling and body position awareness.  Skills taught in this class can include: back extension rolls, handstand forward rolls, front walkovers,  front handspring, and back handsprings.  Participants must have teacher recommendation to register.  
Age: 6 to 16       

Level 4 Tumbling

Learn advanced skills like multiple standing back handsprings, connected tumbling passes, front tucks, and back tucks.  Power tumbling and combinations will also be introduced in this class.  Participants must have teacher recommendation to register. 
Age: 6 to 16