Development Initiatives

The Village of Romeoville offers several forms of assistance and development incentives for the purpose of attracting and retaining businesses. The incentives are designed to help the Village achieve the long-term goals of expanding the property and sales tax base, providing new jobs, and providing for the enhancement of the quality of life within the community, while at the same time, meeting the legitimate cost concerns of businesses.
  1. Comprehensive Plan Update

    This website serves as a collaborative workspace for residents and stakeholders to interact, share ideas, and help plan for the Village of Romeoville’s future. With the support of your feedback and ideas, the outcome of this project will be an updated Comprehensive Plan to guide community efforts, enhance the quality-of-life, strengthen the vitality of local businesses, and manage growth and development in Romeoville.

  2. Eastside Plan

    The Village of Romeoville was recently awarded a 2011 Community Planning Grant from the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA).

  3. Maps

    The Village of Romeoville is pleased to offer an online mapping website and GIS to our residents. This useful technology can help you find addresses, tax parcels, parks, streets, subdivisions and more, which are incorporated into the Village’s GIS as layers.

  4. TIF Districts

  5. Transportation

    The Village remains proactive in addressing transportation needs. Romeoville's location continues to be attractive for local development. What is even more attractive, is Romeoville's ongoing commitment to improve existing routes and secure additional modes of transportation for residents and businesses.

  6. Uptown Square Development

    Although the Village of Romeoville lacks a traditional downtown area, the Village has a 40-acre established site that is defined as Uptown Square.