Personal Safety

Safety While Traveling
Before leaving make sure the house “lived in” with the following tips:
  • Hide empty trash cans
  • Put lights on timers, including a T.V.
  • Stop mail delivery or have friend/neighbor pick it up daily and keep lawn mowed or snow shoveled
  • Leave blinds in a normal position
  • Leave a key with a trusted friend/neighbor
  • Store valuables in a safe deposit box
  • Tell a neighbor or friend your departure date and return date and leave them an itinerary with a phone number you can be reached at
  • Put house on police vacation check
  • Lock all doors and windows
While on Vacation
  • Carry a minimum amount of cash. Use travelers checks and credit cards, but keep a record of their numbers in a separate and safe place with the numbers to call if they do get lost/stolen
  • Keep careful tabs on your travel tickets. Carry them in an inside pocket, not protruding from a jacket or bag
  • If driving, plan your route carefully. Stay on main roads and use maps have your car and tires serviced before leaving.
  • Don’t tell strangers about your vacation plans
  • Always keep car locked when parked and valuables with you inside
  • Never pick up hitchhikers
  • If you stop overnight, take all luggage and valuables with you inside
  • If you are in a foreign country, learn the words for "police officers" and "doctors" or "hospital." Also know the location of the nearest U.S. Consulate
Motel Security
  • Use all locking devices on door
  • Know who’s knocking before opening door
  • Never leave cash, credit card or keys in room, take them with you
  • Inventory your belongings daily
  • Report suspicious people to management immediately
Sight Seeing
  • Learn about your surroundings. Ask local residents about problem areas and avoid them
  • Choose reputable guided tour only
  • Make sure your children know the name/address and telephone number of hotel
  • Avoid advertising that you’re a tourist by your dress
  • If older children go off on their own, have them stick to prearranged meeting times