Con Artist Tactics

Avoiding Rip offs -The Con (Confidence) Artists
  • Anyone can be a victim
  • Con Artists (according to Federal Trade Commission) cost citizens billions of dollars per year
  • Beware of the person who makes an offer that is “too good to be true.” He’ll have an answer to every concern you have
  • Beware of “high pressure sales” the salesman who says today or right now is the only time you can get this offer
  • If you’ve been defrauded call the Police, the department of Consumer Affairs and the State Attorney General’s Office
  • Tell your friend, neighbors and family how you’ve been defrauded so They don’t succumb to the same rip off
  • Don’t wait to report a fraud due to embarrassment, the thief will be long gone - The person who thinks “I'll never fall for this” is the kind of person the Con Artist is looking for
  • If someone wants money “right now” it has the makings of a con
Some Deceptive Tactics Used
  • Vagueness about the product/service
  • Pressure for you to separate with money immediately
  • Instant phone purchase by credit card number
  • Unanswered questions
  • Dodging of questions
  • Playing on emotions
  • No “on site” visits if it’s a “land/home” deal
Check All References
Investigate the person/organization as thoroughly as possible. A legitimate salesman/businessman will not mind, but a Con Artist wants his money now, a legitimate business will wait even weeks if necessary. If after investigating you still have questions - ask the person, get answers.

Example of an Investment Fraud
An “investor” says he can double your money in a short time (usually a day to a month) if you give him $1,000. You give him the money. He in the prescribed time gives you a check for $2,000. He now offers to again double your money if you give him $10,000 you give him the money. In the prescribed time he returns with a check for $20,000 He now has gained your trust and offers you a ”windfall” of possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions if you give him $50,000. You give him the money and he disappears. The checks he has given you are worthless.

Things To Look Out For
  • Beware of the person who comes to your door saying you need a new Roof or other repair on your house. And that he/she was just driving by and saw it. Home repair fraud just like is big business!
  • Beware of someone who may be trying to distract your attention while you’re talking to him/her at your front door. This is common with Gypsies who will have someone quietly enter through the back door and burglarize your house while you’re distracted at the front door
  • Beware of someone trying to sell something dirt cheap.
    For example: VCR in box at truck stop for $50, you pay and find only a brick in the box when you open it
Con Artists don’t care about you your circumstances, health, etc. In fact if you divulge something personal such as you’re dying of cancer, The Con Artist will use that in his favor to try to get you to go along with his con. Most successful Con Artist believe the victim deserved to be out of their money “for being so stupid” Con Artist usually want cash only and sometimes ask the victim not to tell anyone of the transaction. Check contests to make sure they aren’t a come on to dray you into a money losing scheme be wary of any pressure that you must act immediately be wary of cheap vacations, like $29 to Hawaii.