Community Policing Programs

A fundamental philosophy of the Romeoville Police Department is to reduce crime by enhancing our relationship with the citizens we serve. One way of working toward our common goal of crime reduction is to maintain easy communication access to the Police Department by our residents. All Police agencies rely on information given to them to investigate crimes. To enhance this communication effort, we are offering a method by which residents can communicate via email directly and confidentially. By using the above Contact Us Form link you can send an email directly to the Police Department. The contents of your email will be kept confidential. If you will be supplying information to assist us with an investigation, we ask that you be as specific as possible. We may contact you via email for clarification of information provided. 
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    Safety Town

    The Romeoville Police Dept. offers several classes free of charge, that are designed to teach and promote safety to our local youth. For information on Safety Town or to request a class, please call the Community Oriented Policing Dept. at 815-886-7215. Read on...
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    Romeoville Police Dept. Offers Vacation Check Service

    The Romeoville Police Department offers a vacation check service for Village residents. When a resident goes away on vacation, a police officer can check their home up to three times per day to make sure it remains secure. Read on...
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  1. Alarm Systems

    By ordinance, all alarm systems must be registered with the Village. There are penalties for not registering your alarms system with the Village.

  2. Citizens & Youth Police Academy

    The Citizens Police Academy class gives students a basic understanding of current police practices in a wide range of areas. The Youth Police Academy allows teenagers 15-18 to explore the exciting career of law enforcement.

  3. Crime Prevention

    The Police Department provides reasonable advice and through public programs and educates residents in current methods of crime prevention ranging from home security to child safety.

  4. Car Seat Installations

    Read through a list of rules for installing car seats.

  5. D.A.R.E. & G.R.E.A.T. Programs

    D.A.R.E. teaches children basic decision making skills and how to effectively deal with peer pressure in order to stay away from drugs.

  6. Gun Lock Giveaway

    The Romeoville Police Department, in conjunction with the Operation Child Safe, is giving away free gun locks.

  7. Prescription Drug Collection Program

    The Village of Romeoville has joined many local law enforcement agencies by installing a prescription drug collection box to give residents the opportunity to properly and safely dispose of unwanted, unused and expired medicines.

  8. Resident Medical Program

    The Resident Medical Program is a free service, maintained by the Romeoville 911 dispatch center, attempts to identify and register individuals with special needs stemming from life-threatening medical conditions, significant physical or cognitive impairments, or extra-ordinary medical requirements.

  9. Senior Advisory Council

    The purpose of this council is to address concerns raised by senior citizens within the village.

  10. Social Services

    The Romeoville Police Department offers free of charge, counseling services to residents.

  11. Special Needs Database

    The Police Department has created a confidential database which contains the names, addresses, telephone numbers and other contact information of persons who are entered. This will allow the Police to reunite lost individuals with their families in a timely manner and prevent unnecessary lengthy detentions.

  12. Unwanted Vehicle Tow Program

    If a resident has a vehicle that is operable or non-operable and has the vehicle title, they may sign ownership of the vehicle over to a designated tow company.

  13. Vacation Checks

    If a resident goes away on vacation a police officer can check their home up to three times per day to make sure it remains secure.

  14. Village Safety Town

    The Romeoville Police Department offers free classes to teach and promote safety to local youth.