Parkway Tree Replacement Program

The Village of Romeoville strives to maintain the character of its family-friendly neighborhoods by establishing and maintaining a network of tree-lined residential streets. The Parkway Tree Replacement Program is intended to assist residents who wish to plant trees in the parkway in front of their homes. It does not apply to commercial or common areas in the subdivision.

In an effort to promote tree planting, the village has implemented a Cooperative Cost Sharing Program. The village will contribute $75.00 towards the purchase of each tree. This contribution is already reflected on tree prices listed on the order form. Residents may choose from a variety of approved trees and must purchase from village’s designated landscaper.

The program is offered in the Spring and Fall seasons. Please submit applications for Spring planting by May 15 and for Fall planting by September 15 by clicking here.

Planting Guidelines

  • Trees can be placed within the parkway. If a tree cannot be planted in the parkway due to the Village requirements, the Village will review a location within the front yard.
  • Trees will be a minimum of two and one half (2 1/2) inches in caliper and approximately eight (8) feet in height.
  • Residents will mark locations for the trees, but locations will be reviewed by Public Works for suitability and to avoid utility conflicts.
  • It is the resident's responsibility to obtain approvals needed by any applicable Home Owners Association.
  • The property owner must agree to the Maintenance Program outlined in this packet.
  • Once a tree is planted on the Village right-of-way, it becomes the property of the Village. The Village is responsible only for the pruning and removal of parkway trees.
  • Trees will have a one-year warranty.
  • Type of trees allowed will be based on a mixture of tree species within the immediate area and appropriateness for the area. In order to prevent the spread of disease (such as Dutch Elm Disease), no more than five (5) of the same species of a tree may be located in a row.
  • The determination of program participation and time of planting will be based on the following criteria:
    • Time of Official Contact: Trees will be approved on a first come, first served basis in terms of the Village's receipt of the application and approval of such application except as described below.
    • Need: One of the Village's goals is to strive for an equitable distribution of mature and newly planted trees throughout the Village. If there are neighborhoods where the Village feels the overall need is greater, these requests will be given priority.
    • Budget: Amount of Village funds available for the program will dictate the number of trees available.
    • Previous Requests: First-time requests will receive priority.

Location of Parkway Trees

The Village of Romeoville strives to have parkway trees planted in all parkways that have sufficient width to accommodate them, in accordance with the following guidelines and may vary based on specific site conditions.

Parkway trees shall be planted a minimum of 30 feet apart, but not more than 50 feet apart whenever possible and shall have a minimum trunk diameter of two and one-half (2-1/2) inches measured six (6) inches above ground level.

Parkway trees shall be sited as follows:

  • At least twenty-four (24) inches back from the back of the curb
  • At least 10 feet from any utility pole (If a tree is to be planted below a utility line, the tree must be carefully selected so that it will not interfere with the line. In this situation, an ornamental tree - which does not bear fruit - may be selected.)
  • At least 10 feet from a utility structure
  • At least 5 feet from a fire hydrant
  • At least 8 feet from an underground utility line
  • At least 15 feet of a stop sign or other street signage
  • At least 5 feet from a residential driveway
  • At least 2 feet from a residential walkway or sidewalk
  • Outside the vision triangle for corner lots

Selection of Trees

All parkway trees must be selected from the approved list and be purchased from the Village's designated landscaper.