Storm Sewer Program

Please, Only Rain Down the Drain!
The pleasant weather of spring and summer enables us to spend more time outdoors, and this time is often spent working in the yard or enjoyed recreationally. Sometimes actions that take place during these activities can have unintentional harmful effects on the environment. Many small individual actions collectively can have a significant effect on the water quality of our wetlands and waterways.

Runoff from the precipitation that falls on our yards flows to the streets and then into the storm sewer system. The pollutants contained in stormwater runoff from roads, lawns and agricultural land currently accounts for most water pollution. Water quality can be improved by preventing debris and contaminants from getting into the street and storm sewer system.

Cleaner Water Activities
Activities which will promote cleaner water are:
  • Raking leaves and sweeping up grass clippings before they can flow to the street during a rain event.
  • Picking up litter before it can flow to the street during a rain event.
  • Picking up pet waste.
  • Sweeping sidewalks and driveways instead of hosing debris into the gutters.
  • Utilizing yard and garden products that are the least toxic to the environment, and applying fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides sparingly, at the correct rates and at the proper times (not before a rain event).
  • Automobile care:
    • Regular inspection and maintenance of vehicles to prevent leaks and proper cleaning up of spills; even a small amount of oil can contaminate a substantial amount of water.
    • Though residential car washing is not a prohibited activity, washing cars at commercial car wash facilities will prevent soapy water that would flow from driveways from entering the storm sewer system.
  • Proper containment and disposal of trash and recyclables.
  • Disposal of electronics and hazardous household waste at the proper drop-off locations.
We all have a responsibility to help protect our wetlands and waterways. Taking a few simple precautions during everyday outdoor activities can prevent contaminants from entering the storm sewer system, and water quality and quality of life can be improved.

Reporting Illegal Discharges
Village ordinances prohibit the discharge of any polluted waters to any natural outlets. If evidence of a non-stormwater discharge into the storm sewer system is observed, please utilize the Illegal Discharge Reporting Hotline and report the incident by submitting a New Action Line Request, or contact the Department of Public Works at 815-886-1870.