Water Division

  1. Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports

    The Village of Romeoville’s drinking water quality reports detail the results of the Village’s water quality monitoring and testing programs and provides information about the water system.

  2. Hydrant Flushing

    The Village of Romeoville will be flushing its fire hydrants in the spring of each year. The precise dates will be posted as the time nears.

  3. Meter Information

    Learn how to obtain a replacement water meter from the Village.

  4. Watermain Breaks FAQs

    Find frequently asked questions and answers about watermain breaks.

  5. Water Conservation & Restrictions

    Find important information about the Water Conservation Ordinance and how to obtain watering permits during conservation periods.

  6. Winter Tips

    Read how you can prevent water pipes from freezing, and what to do if your pipes do freeze.