Outdoor Dining Guidelines

The Village of Romeoville is pleased to assist businesses with outdoor dining options for restaurants. Application/permit fees will be waived up to $1,000 for businesses adding or expanding their outdoor seating area. 

Outdoor Dining Guidelines for Restaurants  

Below are the standard guidelines that apply to each and every type of outdoor dining.

  1. Smoking is prohibited.
  2. Must meet ADA requirements.
  3. If the expanded area is in a parking lot, a temporary physical barrier shall separate the outdoor dining area from the rest of the parking lot.
  4. Tables must be spaced to allow for a minimum of 6-foot separation.
  5. Must include proper safety measures, such as temporary barriers, if located in the parking lot and must not interfere with drive-aisles or negatively impact the minimum amount of parking necessary for the property.
  6. Permanent plumbing, electrical and lighting fixtures shall not be installed.
  7. Outdoor dining areas are not allowed to encroach onto public right-of-way and must be entirely located on private property.
  8. Any outdoor dining on a multi-tenant property must receive approval of the Property Owner or Manager.
  9. Restaurants may not expand outdoor dining in front of neighboring businesses without written permission from the neighboring business/property owner.
  10. Outdoor dining areas shall not be past 10:00 p.m. for a property that abuts a residential zoned property; and not past Midnight for all other properties. The outdoor dining area shall not disturb the lawful use of quiet enjoyment of nearby tenants or property occupants.
  11. Adequate safeguards shall be in place for security, crowd control, lighting control and the protection of minors.
  12. Live entertainment and electronically amplified music or sound shall not be permitted.
  13. Bar areas are prohibited.
  14. Outdoor trash receptacles shall be provided and maintained.
  15. No liquor served in an open container shall be removed from the outdoor dining area.
  16. Except for restroom visits and take-out orders, indoor premises are closed for the public use.
  17. Upon expiration of the existing State orders restricting capacity or upon State order allowing 100% restaurant capacity indoors, the use of parking lots or other areas for temporary outdoor dining shall be returned to their original use.
  18. Must be in compliance with the Will County Health Department and all other entities required to operate a restaurant.
  19. A final inspection may be required.
  20. On premises service and consumption of alcoholic beverages shall only be permitted where the business in question has valid Village and State liquor licenses allowing such service and consumption.

Approvals Required for Outdoor Dining

  • If a restaurant has an existing outdoor dining area, there are no additional permits necessary. The outdoor area must be in compliance with the Temporary Outdoor Dining Guidelines listed in the above guidelines.
  • If a restaurant is seeking to temporarily add or expand outdoor dining areas by using a parking lot or other outdoor areas, the restaurant must submit a summary of the expansion to the Community Development Department at jpotter@romeoville.org or dropping it off at the Village Hall drop area at the main entrance, addressed to the Community Development Department. The Community Development Department will determine whether a permit will be required for the outdoor seating.
  • Any outdoor seating areas that alter or reconfigure the site, such as adding new structures, flat work, removing landscaping or any other type of construction, will require a building permit and may require approval of a special use permit.
  • Per the Small Business Grant program, all permit fees will be waived.

Any questions can be directed to Josh Potter, Community Development Director, at 815-886-5024 or jpotter@romeoville.org